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Palmerston North

Palmerston North (Te Papa-i-Oea) is the North Island of New Zealand, approximately two-hour drive north of Wellington and six-hour drive south of Auckland.


There are several domestic flights each day through Air New Zealand and the domestic airport is a 10minute drive from the CBD.  For international connections, it is recommended to fly domestically via Auckland as there are several flights a day between Auckland and Palmerston North.  If the international flight is with Air New Zealand then when you check-in in Palmerston North the international flight will also be checked in.  If not then allow enough time in Auckland to check in for the international flight.


Palmerston North can be a windy city.  During November the temperature ranges from a high of around 18 - 21 degrees with a low of around 8 - 11 degrees.

Holiday tips

If you plan on adding a holiday in New Zealand to your travel plans don't hesitate to contact Sarah ( or Jeremy ( for suggestions based on your interest.


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