ea2019 Programme Overview

Please contact Sarah Ellison, s.ellison@massey.ac.nz, with any questions or if you are interested in presenting at the 2019 CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium.

Day 1

Monday 18 November 2019

Social Sciences Lecture Block

08:30 Registration Opens

Tea and coffee

09:30 Opening and welcome
Sarah Ellison

09:45 Ice breaker

Sarah Ellison

10:00 Advice to overcome #entarch impediments

jeff kennedy and Sarah Ellison


10:45 Domain architecture in research

John Keaveny

11:15 Data reference model v2

Nigel Foxwell

12:15 Lunch

SSLB Foyer

13:15 Higher education trends - an SLT perspective
Professor Giselle Brynes

14:00 Building digital capability - an emerging role for enterprise architects

Dr Lizzie Valentine

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:30 Establishing EA capability for business enablement

World Cafe - jeff kennedy

16:30 Networking Drinks 

SSLB Foyer

Day 2

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Social Sciences Lecture Block

08:30 Registration Opens

09:00 Team activity

Sarah Ellison

9:30 How HERM was used to inform the radical overall of vocational education in NZ

Paul Fallon and Hari Sundaram

10:15 Morning Break


10:45 Waikato's SHED - a place for decision making

Eion Hall and David Vega

11:30 The University of Newcastle's Enterprise Architecture Focus in 2019

Marthin Du Plooy

12:15 Lunch

SSLB Foyer

13:15 Influencing up - understanding yourself and others

Workshop - Sarah Leberman

15:15 Afternoon Tea

15:45 Building a Digital Strategy

jeff kennedy, John Bracks,
Sarah Ellison, and Sylvia Ryan

17:00 Day 2 Closes

18:00 Symposium Dinner


Day 3

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Social Sciences Lecture Block

08:30 Registration Opens

09:00 Team activity

Jeremy Crowley

09:30 The University of Queensland data governance story

Sasenka Abeysooriya

10:15 Morning Break

10:45 Toyota's journey - supporting change while maintaining stability during a change to the business model

Jeremy Hearn

11:30  EA and the Spotify Model

Nigel Foxwell

12:15 Lunch

SSLB Foyer

13:15 EA Dogfooding, bikeshedding, and Conways law

Graham Pohl

13:45 Communicating architecture in a visual way

Jeremy Crowley and Simon Hardman

14:15 Enterprise storytelling with business capability models

jeff kennedy and Nicola Jackson

15:00  Afternoon Tea


15:30  EA CoP AGM

16:30 Symposium Wrap-Up and Close

Day 4

Thursday 21 November 2019

Sport and Rugby Institute

09:00 Unconference start

9:30 Unconference discussion

12:15 Lunch


13:30 Unconference discussion

16:00 Unconference close