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Your Ideas for the ea2019 Programme

The ethos of the Symposium has been to provide a forum for the exchange of
ideas and knowledge about enterprise architecture with higher education. The event is positioned deliberately as a symposium, not as a conference, with an emphasis upon contributions in formats that foster conversation, and content that comes from the community....and we want your contribution!
At this year's symposium, we will be exploring how we connect with the University consistently, how we get involved in planning early, how we engage.
How do we create partnerships with the University so we can enable them to deliver visions, goals and strategies?  What is our role as intrapreneurs of new and innovative ways of thinking, supporting the University steady state in a time of unprecedented disruption?
We can accommodate a range of presentation and contribution formats and lengths in the programme -  options include front-of-room, round-room forums, workshops, break-out sessions and collaborative digital workspaces.
This year’s program includes a series of break-out sessions that will allow smaller groups to gather an workshop an idea, a problem, an opportunity, an activity… in a collaborative and ‘hands-on’ setting.
Perhaps you have a problem you’d like to pose, an initiative you’d like to explore, or a case study you’d like to unpack? If so, we’d love to hear about it. 

Please indicate your preferred format and duration, alongside your idea, in the detail below.
Equally, if you would like to know more about the programme and how you might contribute, please feel free to submit your query below and our team will be in touch.

On its way! Thanks.

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