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Presenter Profiles

Professor Suzi Derbyshire, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) QUT


Professor Suzi Derbyshire has 23 years experience of teaching and leadership in higher education both in the United Kingdom and Australia.  Prof Derbyshire is originally from the United Kingdom, and completed her fashion training at Central St Martin’s School of Art in London. She began her career as a freelance womenswear designer, then for a decade worked as a womenswear designer in London and Hong Kong.

Prof Derbyshire migrated to Australia in 2002 to become the inaugural Head of Fashion within the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT. She remained in that role through to 2007 when she became Portfolio Director for Fashion, Journalism, Media and Communication at QUT.

In 2011 Prof Derbyshire was appointed as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) at QUT.  

In 2015 Prof Derbyshire achieved the status of Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.


Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz, PwC Chair in Digital Economy QUT


Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz is an academic and industry leader with extensive experience in conducting academically sound research, co-innovating with industry and university partners, and delivering innovative products to the market. Currently, as Professor and PwC Chair in Digital Economy, as well as Leader of the Embracing Digital Age research theme, he leads Queensland University of Technology’s research agenda to inform and influence a robust digital economy in Australia and the region. He joined QUT from Silicon Valley, where he led innovation teams of one of the largest enterprise software vendors in the world. Before Silicon Valley, Marek worked in Singapore, Australia and China. Marek manages a contemporary research portfolio and converts industry driven opportunities into research outcomes of global relevance. He is an invited government expert, university lecturer and project lead, as well as an inventor and author.

In his research, he has most recently been focusing on the changing role of digital strategy in organizations, and the impact of the change on roles such as Chief Digital Officer and Enterprise Architect.


David Fagan, Director Corporate Transition QUT


David Fagan is a professional disturber of the peace – first as a journalist, then editor of one of Australia’s largest newspapers and now as director of corporate transition at QUT. He was the editor who shrank The Courier-Mail from broadsheet to compact and then kept shrinking it so it could be read on mobile. Since joining QUT, he has run programs that highlight the impact of digital disruption of the future of working, thinking and living and is the author Wake Up – The Nine Hashtags of Digital Disruption to be published by University of Qld Press in October. He also sits on a range of corporate boards and plays in a rock band.


Harvit Arora, Advisory Services VMWare

Harvit Arora has had a multifaceted career, beginning with Wireless Networking R&D as a software engineer, having worked with the team that commercialised mobile location technologies for (USA) 911 emergency services in 2001. He then worked with a start-up, helping them establish their Australian business and pivoting their licensed Revenue Assurance Analytics product into a SaaS capability to serve the tier one telecommunications sector in Australia. Harvit last, spent eight years across financial services (banking) in enhancing and operationalising Group Treasury (data, interest rate risk & price analytics) platforms and has recently cultivated his own start-up company. During this time, Harvit has worked very closely with the Group Treasury businesses to transform their business practices via the marriage of automation, integration and analytics technologies. Harvit worked and interacted extensively with the Enterprise Architecture teams in proposing and developing the foundation for significant business change. He is part of VMware’s Advisory Services practice, where he consults as a virtual CTO and Enterprise Architect for VMware’s customers.


Marcus Bloch, VP of Research, Gartner

Marcus Blosch, Ph.D., is a VP of Research on Gartner's Enterprise Architecture team based in Asia/Pacific. He focuses on using enterprise architecture to drive business change and transformation. His research areas include business architecture and using enterprise architecture to support digital business.

Prior to joining Gartner, he worked at DHL's global headquarters, driving global change programs as part of DHL's strategy to create a global logistics business focused on providing value-added services. He was responsible for creating and managing the programs that would bring this about, transforming DHL's business model.


Sasenka Abeysooriya, UQ

Sasenka Abeysooriya is a skilled and passionate IT strategist within the IT Governance function at The University of Queensland. Sasenka is currently playing an instrumental role in establishing an Enterprise Architecture (EA) capability at The University of Queensland by bringing together other major University stakeholders. Sasenka leverages EA to bridge the gap between the business and IT by providing visibility and ensure investment decisions are properly informed. Sasenka studied IT in The Netherlands before moving to Australia to pursue his cricket ambitions. He has over 7 years working in the higher education sector in Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as running his own IT business serving SME’s globally.


Michael Khodosko, EA Consultant (with UQ)

Michael Khodosko is a global  Enterprise Architecture consultant who enjoys travelling the world and working on new challenges. He is currently helping The University of Queensland to build their EA practice and before coming to Australia he worked as a Chief Architect at the University of Manitoba, Canada as well as an Enterprise Architect/Strategy Consultant in a number of industries, including Oil & Gas, Transportation, Insurance, Energy and Utilities, Telco across Canada, Europe and Middle East. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and MBA from the University of Calgary along with a number of industry certifications (TOGAF, EACOE, etc).


jeff kennedy, University of Auckland

jeff is Enterprise Architecture Manager at The University of Auckland.  jeff, @elbanoitca, has worked extensively in the domains of identity management, integration architecture, information management, and solutions architecture.  jeff attempts to lead a pragmatic, effective, and appreciated enterprise architecture practice.  jeff serves as chair of the CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice, and has represented Universities New Zealand on national working groups for digital identity services in education and research systems.


Gary Crosby, Founder and Lead Architect, Intelligent Pathways

Gary founded Intelligent Pathways in 2003 with a vision to solve business problems in new ways with leading edge technology. He has spent the last 11 years working across a range of sectors including aviation, environmental management, fleet, construction and education to introduce technical solutions that improve processes and allow organisations to be more flexible and agile in today’s changing business environment.

Simon McCabe, Chief Commercial Officer, Intelligent Pathways

Simon has over 20 years of business development and managerial experience across a range of sectors including Government, Education, Environment, Food & Beverage and Technology. Simon has worked in operational roles in manufacturing, technology and advisory industries, partnering with clients to identify practical adoption of new approaches and innovation.  Simon’s core expertise is in educating and communicating to the corporate sector on the risks and opportunities presented from new market dynamics. In his role as CCO, he is responsible for Business Development, Marketing, Business Strategy and Technical Support Services.


Nirdesh Gupta, Head of Consulting, Intelligent Pathways

Nirdesh has over 17 years’ experience in the technology industry and manages Intelligent Pathway’s consulting business.  Nirdesh is a lead solution architect and has a deep understanding of the integration of technologies and change management as well as excellent knowledge in business process redesign. Nirdesh has worked on some of the largest IT project implementations in Australia and has firsthand experience of application design and development on multiple architecture platforms.  This expertise coupled with strong architecture, leadership and management skills allows Nirdesh to deliver successful business and technology outcomes for our clients, so they can transform their business for the digital world.

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