Your Ideas for the ea2020 Programme

Calls for contributions

We want to make this virtual event very valuable and to that end, we are calling for presentations and contributions from a range of prospective contributors. 

Perhaps you have a newly developed framework for higher education to share, a problem you’d like to pose to the group, an initiative you’d like to explore, or a case study to unpack? If that sounds like you or your organisation, we would love to hear about it.


Our overarching theme is "The New Normal", and we have also created mini-themes for each day

Day 1: Into the future

Changes in our industry and institutions are creating new challenges and a need to look into a new future we might not have considered six months ago. How are you, your team, and your institution responding to new business, operating, and cost model challenges through the lens of enterprise architecture? 

Day 2: EA as an enabler to digital strategy

As our digital strategies become less prescriptive and more guiding and responsive to change, how are EAs positioning themselves and EA techniques as enablers to strategic thinking? How can we inform and guide university investment portfolios through a business capability view whilst enabling LEAN/Agile methods? 

Day 3: All in the cloud

In an environment that is at risk of reactive decision making, adopting pop-up cloud apps, significant off-campus study, work, and research, how can EAs help guide decision makers towards sustainable architectures? How do we “architect” in the cloud? 

Submitting your idea

Our shortened virtual programme is aiming to accommodate presentations and workshops in the order 20-30 minutes. Please indicate your preferred format and duration, alongside your idea, in the ideation form below to be considered for the EA 2020 programme. Equally, if you would like to know more about the programme and how you might contribute, please feel free to submit your query below and our team will be in touch.