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ea2021 Programme Overview

All times shown are for Melbourne, VIC.  The Virtual Day sessions all start at 02:00UTC, which is:

  • 10:00AM Perth

  • 12:00PM Brisbane, Townsville

  • 12:30PM Adelaide

  • 13:00PM Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney

  • 15:00PM Aotearoa New Zealand

Virtual Day 1

Tuesday 16 November 2021

  • 13:00PM Opening and Welcome

  • 13:10PM Orientation and Check-In
    After another unprecedented year, spend a few minutes getting your bearings and checking in with long-lost and brand-new colleagues and friends from our community.

  • 13:30PM Imagining the Adaptable, Composable, and Product-Centric  Future of Enterprise Architecture
    Marcus Blosch

  • 14:10PM > short break <

  • 14:20PM The challenge of achieving organisation-wide architectural literacy (and how to achieve it in 2021)
    Mark Williams
    Michael Liaskos
    Victoria University

  • 14:50PM Day 1 Wrap-Up

  • 15:00PM Day 1 Close

Virtual Day 2

Wednesday 17 November 2021

  • 13:00PM Welcome

  • 13:10PM Enterprise Architecture at The University of Newcastle… one year later!
    Marthin du Plooy
    Richard Berry
    The University of Newcastle

  • 13:40PM Collaborative Activity

  • 13:50PM > short break <

  • 14:00PM Leading Enterprise Business Architecture at The University of Otago
    Sandra Wheeler

    The University of Otago

  • 14:30PM HERM Version 2.6.0 Highlights
    Nigel Foxwell
    jeff kennedy

  • 14:50PM Day 2 Wrap-Up

  • 15:00PM Day 2 Close

Virtual Day 3

Thursday 18 November 2021

  • 13:00PM Welcome

  • 13:10PM How enterprise architects need to evolve to survive in a digital world
    jeff kennedy
    The University of Auckland

  • 13:40PM Ten-Minute Quick-Look Session!
    Josh Burne
    University of the Sunshine Coast

  • 13:50PM > short break <

  • 14:00PM Enterprise Architecture and IT Operating Models @ Griffith University
    Jolyn Suthers
    Griffith University

  • 14:30PM CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice Annual General Meeting
    Karen Modena
    Nigel Foxwell
    EA CoP Co-Chairs

  • 14:50PM Symposium Wrap-Up

  • 15:00PM Symposium Close

unConference Day

Friday 19 November 2021

  • 12:00PM Welcome

  • 12:05PM unConference

  • 15:00PM Close

If you are interested in contributing to the 2021 CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium, please submit any ideas or questions in the ideas form.

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